philosophy teacher in secondary school (high school) in Marseille (France).

  • Studies in philosophy : competitive examination for teaching in high schools and

universities ; PhD.

  • PhD Thesis : Human nature and anarchy in Peter Kropotkin’s thought, ENS Lyon.
  • Areas of interest : anarchism ; critical theory ; degrowth movement ; criticism of technique ;

criticism of postmodernism.

  • Some works :

La nature de l’entraide. Pierre Kropotkine et les fondements biologiques de

l’anarchisme, ENS ιditions, 2015.

Le dιsert de la critique. Dιconstruction et politique, L’Ιchappιe, 2015.

Alexandre Chayanov, pour un socialisme paysan, Le passager clandestin, 2017.

Le sens des limites. Contre l’abstraction capitaliste, L’Ιchappιe, 2018.

  • Forthcoming :

◦ Kropotkine, Agissez par vous-mκmes (foreword, translation and notes from the original

Act for yourselves. Articles for Freedom), Nada.

◦ Murray Bookchin, Pouvoir de dιtruire, pouvoir de crιer (edition and translation with

Helen Arnold, Daniel Blanchard and Vincent Gerber), L’Ιchappιe.

  • Contributions to french newspapers La dιcroissance and CQFD, and swiss newspaper

Moins !.

  • Member of Rιfractions, review of research and anarchist expression.
  • Member and signatory of l’ “Appel de Beauchastel “, against the digitalization of schooling.